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I'm Kirsty, a single mom to these two sweet kids! My passion is fueled by giving them the best start in life so they can achieve whatever dreams pop into their sweet minds.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 6 years ago. Paleo changed my life and drastically improved the quality of it! I was sharing my paleo baked goods at a local farmer's market where we had an incredibly loyal group of customers! Not long into my second season at the farmer's market, Whole Foods Market got wind of the local buzz. We started in all the regional stores shortly after and haven't looked back since!

My dream is to empower you to have the healthiest mind, body, and soul possible so you can share your passion with the world. If you need a paleo treat or need a full meal planning overhaul, we are here to equip you. Take a look around and let me know if you have any questions.

If I can help or support you in any way, let me know! Or if it's just to say I'd love that, too!

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