Menu Membership is LIVE!


Our Menu Membership is OPEN for enrollment! We've been quietly plugging away at perfecting this program! Well, we talked about it on IG to get some sweet folks to join and test the program! So, maybe not that quietly!

Anyway! It's here! And we are so excited!

We talked to YOU guys about what you needed to stay paleo more of the time, and the resounding answer was, "I can't keep up with meal planning!" You guys said the actual cooking wasn't the hardest part, it was all the PLANNING that went into home cooking! And trying to stay on budget with healthy eating. So we spent months seeing how we can help!

When you join the Menu Membership, you get: 

    • A complete weekly paleo meal plan, 3 meals a day. 
    • A done-for-you grocery list for however many people you're feeding.
    • FAST and EASY meals: 25 min or less from "what's for dinner" to "that looks good!" 
    • And our team will PERSONALLY SHOP for your groceries! (We currently support AmazonFresh and Walmart Grocery Pick-up) Note: this is free to anyone who joins before Friday, September 22nd! 
    • Specific "get ready for your week" pre-cook instructions to save you even MORE time!
    • All the benefits of the paleo diet (people report:  increased energy, elevated mood (they're just happier!), better sleep, and weight loss!
    • You get to ditch the hard planning work!
    • INCLUDED family health coaching sessions for all members!
    • A private community for members only with weekly office hours for questions.

You can join here!

Our Pilot Program Members had some awesome things to say:


There is NO long-term commitment, so try it for your family risk-free! 

There's even a way to get 4 MONTHS FREE!

September 18, 2017 by Bold Apps
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